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Beams: Whether your room décor demands a beam in a smooth contemporary light oak or one that has the mellow character of an old beam - the choice is extensive.

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An Oak Beam – What A Great Way To Enhance Your Stoves’ Look

So, you’ve chosen the stove you always wanted and now it’s time to update your décor. Possibly, one of the best adornments for your fireplace would be the addition of an oak beam to replicate an old-style lintel.

Historically, oak was the choice of builders when they needed a lintel to provide an opening for the fire and to support the chimney breast above.

Why oak? Oak is extremely robust and has a rather high flash point. Additionally, it was more readily available and both easier & cheaper to work than the most common alternative: stone.

Why Choose A Stove Beam From Focus Fireplaces?

Simply put, when Focus Fireplaces first started out providing oak stove beams; they sat down and devised a seven-point ordering system ensuring that no single specification could be omitted. Thereby ensuring that the end product wound up being what the customer actually wanted and that it fitted and looked like it should.

Focus Fireplaces’ oak beams come in a variety of styles, colours, depths and finishes/textures. Most are cut from solid oak and then distressed to suit the customer’s individual taste but they also provide some made from pine and even make hollow beams as a solution where weight is an issue or to encase structural metal beams and the like.

All That Sounds Great But How Easy Are They To Fit?

Focus Fireplaces have come up with a variety of fixing systems, depending on which style of beam you choose. If you opt for a solid beam along with the Easy-fix system, your beam won’t require the services of a genius to install it. It only requires the wall to be drilled and the fixing bracket screwed to it.
(The screws are provided). The beam is then fastened to the bracket from its underside using 2 Allen screws. Nothing could be simpler. And when it’s time to redecorate, simply undo the Allen screws and slide the beam off.
The lighter fascia beams come complete with strong metal keyhole plates.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that certain styles may be accompanied by matching corbels, just to complete the look.


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